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Cor Leonis Blender 4.0.2

Commission from CCPSCRS



Cor Leonis is a free model, you can download it through my Site or SmutBase.


  • 🦴 Fully Daz G9 Topology (FK + Rigify)
  • 🌭 MustardUI
  • 👕 Costumes
    • Includes in-game costume
    • Two extra pairs of underwear
  • 👨🏻 Basic Ckang Shader

  • ✨ Controllable skin properties
  • 🏁 UDIM Workflow
  • 💈 Curves hair
  • 🍌 Foreskin control
  • 🦰 Faceit(ARKit Support)& Morph

Fully Daz G9 Topology

To better keep pace with future developments, I will be using Daz3D's G9 model as the foundation for the Cor project moving forward. The separate eyeball and teeth structures are quite perfect, allowing you to achieve even better effects on the model.


MustardUI is a convenient panel for you to use the model, found in the N key panel after clicking on Cor's Armature.

You can adjust genital toggle, skin properties, costume switching, body hair enable, and some minor features here.


Cor includes a set of default in-game outfits, along with two additional pairs of underwear in different styles that you can switch between using the UI.

Controllable skin properties

I have integrated two control properties in the Mustard UI, you can adjust Dryness and Sweaty to make Reyes looking sweaty for your render.

I've also set up a Scar controller, which allows you to choose whether or not Cor appears more mature.

Curves hair

In accordance with the commission's requirements, Cor has full-body hair, which I completed using Curve hair.

You can enable it through Mustard UI. Normally, I have turned off the Surface Deform modifier in viewport to avoid lag. If you want to preview the real-time fitting state, you can enable the Realtime in the corresponding hair modifier settings.

Here are a few small tips: for some of the hair, I added a Frizz Hair Curves modifier to make it look messier. When rendering from the side, I suggest you reduce the Factor to avoid an excessively unrealistic hair thickness.

Foreskin control

Includes two prepuce morphological keys and a complete prepuce skeleton, which you can use as needed.

Faceit & Morph

Due to my lack of proficiency in the technology, I haven't yet perfected the facial Morph for Daz G9.

Therefore, please consider using the Faceit add-on for facial control. You can use this add-on in conjunction with an iPhone to complete facial capture.

In addition to this, you can use the Morph panel in the UI to control the penis and anus.


March 22, 2024 v1

  • Initial release

Released under the MIT License.