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Curved hair

This is a new system updated in Blender 3.3, based on Curves objects, which can be used to create hair, fur, and other similar effects.

Because of the better visual and performance effects than particle hair, I will be using curved hair as the only option for all future character hair processes.

Some very useful assets

Both with very useful geometric nodes for procedural hair correction.

How to use

Some tips about hair

Because curved hairs need to be bound to the corresponding object by geometric nodes to follow the deformation, this can lead to significant view performance degradation.

In most cases, I will exclude or hide the collection with the curved hairs, like this.

When you enable the collection, you will see the corresponding curved hair, but if you try to pose, it will be very jarring.

My advice is that it's best to set aside some time to work on the hairs after the pose is made, and then enable the ensemble before rendering.

Sculpting curves

I would recommend this tutorial for anyone who wants to try their hand at modifying, sculpting curved hairs, and please don't skip any steps!

More rounded hairs

In the Render Properties panel, i.e. 1, find the Curve option and change the subdivision level to 2, which will make the curve more rounded and better looking.

Released under the MIT License.