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Montano Blender 3.6.3



Montano is a free model, you can download it through my Site or SmutBase.


  • 🦴 Fully Daz G8.1 Topology (FK + Rigify)
  • 🌭 MustardUI
  • 👕 Includes in-game costume
  • 👨🏻 Basic Ckang Shader

  • 🫓 Morph
  • ✨ Controllable skin properties


MustardUI is a convenient panel for you to use the model, found in the N key panel after clicking on Montano's Armature.

You can switch the genital switch here, modify skin properties, switch costumes and hairstyles, and some minor features here.

Includes in-game costume

I have added Fireteam and Barrage to Montano, as well as a set of Mix clothing.

When switching to Barrage, the character will automatically activate the body transformation morph, becoming muscular to match the clothing.

You can switch between them using the UI:


I've imported a set of morphs for your use, which includes some facial expressions and body controls.

The facial expressions can be found in the Mustard UI, and you can make subtle adjustments using a series of morphs.

As for the body controls, they are located on the anus and penis. You can click on "Armature" and find them in the Properties section of the Item tab in the N-panel.

Controllable skin properties

I have integrated skin control properties into the Mustard UI. You can adjust the Dryness and Sweaty to make Montano appear sweaty in rendering.

In addition, I have also designed tattoos and eye color switching for him. Feel free to mix and match as you please.


How to control the genitals?

Click Armature, you can find Rig Layers in Item in the N panel, click Custom to display the genitals bones.


September 15, 2023 v1

  • Initial release

Released under the MIT License.