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Model Usage Regulations

To prevent unnecessary disputes, please carefully read and understand the following regulations before using my models for creative work.

You are free to:

  1. Use my models to create renders/animations and publish them on any platform 🗺️
  2. Use my models for commercial purposes 💼
  3. Engage in further development, combining model assets as you wish 🛠️
  4. Credit me or not 📝

However, you must not:

  1. Redistribute or resell the models 💰
  2. Use the models to defame games/actors/companies 🩸
  3. Disclaim that the models are my work ❌

If possible, please:

  1. Respect the face models and voice actors behind the characters 🙏
  2. Create more wonderful things 🌟

Have other questions? Please leave your comments below.

Released under the MIT License.