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Mil-Sim CTSFO Blender 3.3



Mil-Sim CTSFO is a free model, you can download it through my Site or SmutBase.


  • 🦴 Fully Daz G8 Topology
  • 👕 Costume
    • In-game costume
    • Custom costume
  • 👨🏻 Basic Ckang Shader

  • 💈 Mesh Hair
  • 😶‍🌫️ Body mask
  • 💪 Shapekey


Currently CTSFO in addition to the original skin, I have added CDL Competitor as a costume.

You can freely control and combine with the collection.

Mesh hair

Contains a mesh hair, which you can find under the armature Naked CTSFO.

Please remember to open the corresponding view in Restriction Toggles to show.

Body mask

To avoid problems such as model clipping, I have added a set of body mask.

You can find Mask modifier in the Modifier Properties to hide or show his body part.


I have set up several shapekeys for controlling expressions and foreskins.


August 29, 2022 v2

  • Remastered all clothing textures, fixed eyes shader
  • Fix some weighting errors
  • Add CDL Competitor skin
  • Add mesh hair

April 17, 2022 v1

  • Initial release

Released under the MIT License.