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Zimo Blender 3.4



Zhiqiang "Zimo" Wong is a free model, you can download it through my Site or SmutBase.


  • 🦴 Fully Daz G8.1 Topology
  • 🌭 MustardUI
  • 👕 Includes in-game costume
  • 👨🏻 Basic Ckang Shader


MustardUI is a convenient panel for you to use the model, found in the N key panel after clicking on Zimo's Armature.

You can adjust the genitalia switch, skin properties, costume and hair replacement, and some small features here.

Includes in-game costume

Zimo currently includes the original in-game costume, plus an extra pair of socks that you can independently match with your favorite gear.

You can switch costumes via Mustard UI:

By default, the subdivision modifier and correction modifier for clothes will be disabled to improve your window performance, please turn them on before rendering.

Controllable skin properties

This time I have integrated two control properties in the Mustard UI, you can adjust Dryness and Sweaty to make Zimo looking better for your render.

Curves hair

I made several curved hairs to use on Zimo's body hair, you can find it in the Extras of Outfits, generally please keep it off until you want to rendering.


March 15, 2023 v1.1

  • Mesh data-block rename
    • Hair's proxy mesh error naming fix
  • Fixed Armature data-block taken by multiple users #100
    • UI panel causes Armature data-block to be occupied, which can affect the normal work of IK Addon
  • Removing Armature Panel from MustardUI
    • No need to use this function

March 11, 2023 v1

  • Initial release

Released under the MIT License.